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Our Mission is to provide futuristic, connected, and digital communities of people that improve an organization’s competitive advantage, brand recognition, candidate experience and overall hiring process.

We design, implement, curate, and provide management of Branded Talent Communities customized to the client’s culture and specifications. Our driving factor is an app-based candidate experience fully designed around the client’s brand and individualized for their organization.

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Solution Overview

IMS Oneworld provides Global Workforce Solutions to Enterprise Clients. There are two primary Workforce Solutions that we are focused on delivering; Direct Sourcing Solutions and RPO Solutions powered by Talent Community technology platform, WorkLLama.

Building Branded Talent Communities powered by technology is a new concept within the staffing marketplace. IMS Oneworld & WorkLLama are laser-focused on being a major disrupter in the overall talent acquisition value chain. Building upon your current candidate pipeline, our solution grows and nurtures your Talent Community.

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Creating your Branded Talent Community

We will build your Branded Talent Community in the form of an IOS/Android App customized to your organization with AI, multi-mode communication points and a dedicated team to administer your solution.


Populating your Talent Community

Once your Branded Talent Community has been created, we will then populate the Community with what we call ‘the initial seed population’. The initial seed population will come from your internal HRIS system. All the candidates that you and your talent acquisition department have acquired over time will be invited to be a part of your new Talent Community. We will work with you to gather the profiles that you would like to invite, and once finalized, each will receive a letter directly from you formally inviting them to be a member of the Community. The candidate then has to ‘opt-in’ to the Community by downloading the App to become an official member.

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Creating custom Talent Pools within
your Community

When a candidate opts-in to the Community, the dedicated Curation Team will be notified that we have a new member. Each new member will be contacted directly by a Program Curator welcoming them into the Community. The Curation Team will answer any questions the member has as well as ensure their profile is complete. Once we have confirmed their profile is complete, we will associate them to customized Talent Pools within the Community based on their skills and experience. This will ensure that we can target them effectively when a job opens that fits their background.


Getting your brand into the hands
of the best talent

Our exclusive Branded Talent Communities are built on an award-winning Talent Community Technology Platform, WorkLLama. Each Community will have a customized conversational bot, Sofi the Llama. Sofi will serve as the spokesperson and brand ambassador for your Community. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, our Conversational Bot, is taking the candidate experience to the next level. During implementation, we will customize Sofi to your organization’s culture and process utilizing Natural Language Processing (NLP). Sofi will utilize your corporate ‘speak’ and can match your current candidate experience to ensure this solution is truly an extension of your talent brand. In addition to having Sofi, the platform’s marketing campaign capability will take center stage. Understanding that the primary objective of the Talent Community is to build, nurture and grow, we will be consistently launching marketing campaigns directly from the platform to achieve this. Each marketing campaign’s results will be tracked in real-time. This allows us to share data and results with you so that we, together, can constantly monitor your talent brand and strengthen it over time.

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Choose a solution that works for you

There are two primary Workforce Solutions that we are focused on delivering; Direct Sourcing Solutions and RPO Solutions powered by Talent Community technology platform, WorkLLama.

Direct Sourcing

Direct Sourcing refers to the practice of engaging contingent talent (non-FTE) directly, reducing the dependence on intermediary staffing suppliers. IMS Oneworld’s Direct Sourcing Solution compliments the Enterprise’s existing MSP/VMS solution. If there is not an MSP/VMS solution in place, our Direct Sourcing Solution can become your primary source for procuring contingent talent.

RPO solution

The IMS Oneworld/WorkLLama RPO Solution can be traditional in nature or could be a hybrid version of many different RPO components due to the Talent Community already having been established at the Enterprise. Having the Talent Community in place will greatly enhance your talent acquisition strategy which ultimately may change what you require from an RPO services perspective.

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Our partnership with WorkLLama

WorkLLama is a Branded Talent Community Platform that helps companies create powerful employee and candidate experiences. Its technology makes it possible to foster meaningful, more human connections with talent, leading to exceptional and inspired workforces that fuel business success. Enterprises and Staffing organizations alike use WorkLLama to automate and optimize recruiting, engagement and talent acquisition that put the candidate first. By doing so, they can build, nurture and grow a curated network of talent and empower workers to be brand ambassadors. The most comprehensive technology platform of its kind, WorkLLama drives digital transformation through proprietory social referral management functionality; frictionless candidate engagement; Sofi, its AI-driven conversational bot; integrated, omnichannel communication; and direct sourcing solutions.

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