In the current world economy, businesses are getting more competitive. Every organization today needs to hire talent to take advantage of these growing opportunities. An HR Partner who provides right talent, at the right time, effectively and with minimal errors can be a game changer for an organization. IMS one world (ISO 9001:2015) does all of it and more.

Our culturally savvy staff helps clients evaluate their talent requirements and formulate and implement their talent acquisition strategies. We are experts at sourcing and relocating candidates from different parts of the world to the client’s desired location with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Our international experience and staffing industry expertise is backed by our affiliation with the Global Company Empresaria Group Plc and our commitment to supporting you in finding the right talent efficiently.

Amongst our key services are a strategically delivered mixture of Global Recruitment Services and Contractual Staffing solutions that ensure our clients maintain the competitive edge.


In a world of global opportunities, we truly believe more companies can find value in sourcing candidates from new or not-yet-tested worldwide markets. Our global recruiters specialize in sourcing the right talent from around the globe and helping them relocate to the destination specified by our client, with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Our personal approach doesn’t sever upon completion of a new hire’s joining either. In fact, we do the opposite and remain active and extend a warm, helping hand to assist candidates settle into and adapt to their new location, providing insight into the local culture and supporting all their family members’ transitional needs to ensure a smooth placement as we understand a happy and comfortable candidate will always perform at their best.

With IMS One World, you can explore the world for your next hire through our global reach that truly is unparalleled and trust our culturally savvy staff to help you evaluate your talent requirements and formulate and implement the very best talent acquisition strategies for your business.

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Being able to adapt and grow your workforce swiftly, flexibly and efficiently is vital in today’s fluid economic climate.

However, the ability to grow your workforce, often for short periods of time, and adapt to change at short notice, doesn’t have to come with risks or the burden of full time, permanent, senior employees or restless millennials; there is a more cost-effective and productive solution.

Contractual Staffing can work miracles for you and IMS One World’s flexible and cost-effective contractual staffing solutions allow you to hire skilled talent for specific short, medium and long-term projects and as they are managed on OUR payroll, it reduces your costs, liabilities and any risks by a huge percentage!

We also help clients gauge the capability, cultural fitness and performance of the candidates before actually hiring and of course, we take care of all compliances and legal formalities as well.

Contractual Staffing simply has so much to offer. It reduces hiring risks, speeds up your hiring process, increases flexibility and allows you to gain access to a broader spectrum of highly skilled employees with vast and wide-ranging experience, allowing you to maintain a competitive edge.

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