5 Barriers for International Recruitment

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For all the businesses looking for international expansion, acquiring top-notch international talent is always at the forefront of their recruitment strategy. These businesses face tough competition across the globe in recruiting the talent with streamlined and strategic talent acquisition approach.

Penetrating in the international market brings its own set of opportunities and challenges. For any business to enter the international market and establish successfully, requires a skilled workforce.

But, can this skilled workforce be recruited by the strategic talent acquisition approach used in local recruitment? No! And, that’s where the barriers for international talent recruitment come in picture!

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Businesses are facing various kind of international barriers to hire the skilled staff for running their businesses globally. Insights on the key issues faced by the companies and solution to successful international recruitment are highlighted in the infographic below:



Cultural Barrier
One size DOESN’t fit all! When recruiting talent from another corner of the globe, one may not necessarily know what cultural background the candidate comes from. The cultural core values are attached with the way they live and make decisions.
One cannot talk with all candidates from different cultures in the same way!
Language Barrier
The limits of your language are limits of your world! Language spoken in different parts of the world is different. The total population of the world is 7.6 billion but not all might be knowing English or your local language!
Background Check Barrier
Whether the experience mentioned in the resume by the candidates is legitimate or not? Is the company mentioned existing or not? The salary details presented to the recruiter are true or fabricated? Whether the candidate has been involved in any crime before? These are the questions that can either save the company from a future fraud or can even land them in to a serious matter; if not taken care of.
Legislative Barrier
Different countries have different rules and regulations for immigration and work permits. Dealing with immigration laws and having the candidate work in your country for the desired period is always
Competition Barrier
Competition for top-notch talent is always high. And, many recruiters sometimes fail to recruit the right talent for the desired position due to cut-throat competition across the globe for a particular job profile.
Most competitive countries as per 2017 IMD World Talent Ranking
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