5 myths about Global Recruitment firm you must know

January 21, 2015 7:45 pm Published by

Even after an efficient team of recruiters working in-house for your business, you would always need an expert hand to assist while hiring talent from abroad. Joining hands with a global recruitment consultancy can help you enjoy the advantage of expert resource without any interference in the business working. Here are 5 biggest myths about hiring a global recruitment firm that you should know as these myths might be stopping you to grow.

5 myths about Global Recruitment firm you must know

5 Barriers For
International Recruitment

Background check is one of the barriers faced
by international recrutiers while hiring
candidates globally.

Contingent hiring is not good for business:
HR professionals feel that such methodology may lead to recruitment of candidates that may not retain with the company for longer run. Well, that is a big myth. Working at contingent level will help them deliver retain-able candidates on time and can bring them repeat business, so you can be sure that they care about your business and will always work stringently to deliver candidates that can sustain for longer run.

Beneficial only for low-level profiles:
If you have vacancies of crucial C-level profiles, you would definitely need an expert advice to hire exact match for your expectations. Global recruitment consultants are experts in hiring from different geographies for different roles. They understand the specifics, so can help you in hiring specific higher level roles too.

Might not meet quality standards:
Global recruitment companies are never in a hurry to hire candidates without conducting stringent background checks. If you are in a partnership with a reliable global recruitment partner, you can always have a look at their process of recruitment and customize their approach if needed, so that you can enjoy sure shot quality results with strict background checks.

Difficulty in tracking performance:
Tracking the performance of global recruitment partnership is very easy. You can take an update on the work status on daily or weekly basis to understand how the partnership is going. If you are paying them for placement, you can always keep a check for tracking performance and make them work for you as and when required.

Complexity in communication:
If you have decided a clear mode of communication and have maintained a right level of transparency, duplicity will never be the case of chaos. Additionally, if you are in constant touch with them and have a team approach, you can remarkably simplify communication throughout the partnership.

If you have been stopping yourself from entering into collaboration with any global recruitment agency due to any of the above myths, you’re surely wasting your time. Hiring a specialized third party for meeting your talent acquisition needs at the global level, is not only cost-effective but also helps in saving time, which you can then devote in retaining your best hires.