5 things you need to know about global candidate sourcing

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Global recruiting is certainly nothing new. However, it is becoming more and more prevalent due to ever-widening skills gaps. These widening skills gap have resulted in many businesses having to focus their candidate sourcing on skills, not geography and search for talent outside of their home country., to ensure that they connect with the very best talent available.

Indeed, Apple has stated that they manufacture in China because they can’t find enough engineers in America to support manufacturing on the scale they need. Plus, the Silicon Valley Institute for Regional Studies reports that more than 35% of Silicon Valley residents were born outside of the US and as many as 60% of the region’s computing, mathematical, engineering and architecture workers are also foreign-born.

Plus, sourcing candidates globally doesn’t just help you to make better products and find better people. It also gives you a way to build your brand in those countries. Your recruiting activities can be a marketing tool that increases awareness of your brand, as well as a way to get a foothold in talent communities both from a recruiting and from a marketing perspective.

In addition, a workforce full of different cultures and backgrounds can enhance the company’s whole culture, foster different approaches to collaboration, lead to fresh perspectives and innovation; all the while boosting the bottom line.

Global candidate sourcing does, however, require unique considerations. Employer brands need to be enhanced, candidates’ families and partners require assistance when relocating and cultural differences, as well as language barriers, need to be overcome. Plus, there are often complicated compliance requirements, contrasting cultural or business norms that make attracting and selecting top talent across markets daunting even for the most experienced recruiting organisation.

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Ultimately, the challenges we all face when sourcing candidates considerably increase when we take it to a global level. In fact, putting the required policies and processes in place required for global candidate sourcing can be an administrative headache and that’s why many businesses turn to an HR partner who is an expert at sourcing and relocating candidates from different parts of the world to the client’s desired location with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

To help, here are top 5 things you need to know about global candidate sourcing:

  • Recruitment Marketing: Each country will have its own laws and regulations governing recruitment advertising and marketing. It is key to ensure your methods of attracting candidates comply with all local and national laws such as privacy, discrimination, mandatory or prohibited questions and any required disclosures.
    A one size fits all approach will not work and most organisations will find it easier to create recruitment marketing specific to every country in which it’s recruiting.
  • Interviewing: How you structure the interview process is key; as you will have to take into consideration time zones or travel arrangements for onsite interviews. Its also important to take into consideration any customs or interviewing practices in any particular country, which can vary greatly.
    If remote interviewing, then technology such as video interviewing has to be up to scratch or it will reflect poorly on you. The whole process needs to be seamless and efficient.
    Whichever interviewing method you choose, it is essential to not make any compliance mistakes regarding asking sensitive questions, such as marital status, during the interview.

  • Pre-Employment Screening: While pre-employment screening is commonplace, global recruiting requires a cautious approach to pre-employment screening. Every country has a different set of rules and requirements, especially with respect to medical or criminal record declarations.
    Before attempting to implement any such screening initiative, global employers must research the local labour laws and gain legal advice to understand which measures are permitted, such as whether or not a formal offer must be extended before initiating, what documentation or consent from the prospective employee is required, or what notifications the employer is obliged to provide during the screening process.
  • Compensation: Determining how to structure the compensation package for a position that exists in multiple countries is a significant challenge as you have to ensure that the package is competitive in each country where you are recruiting.
    Plus, it’s not just about salary as the benefits and perks associated with the position need to be consistent with the business culture and candidate expectations for each respective market.
    You will probably want to conduct a benchmarking exercise in each country, factoring in things like labour market demand, specific salary ranges by position or function, cost of living, foreign currency exchange rates and similar considerations required to determine whether or not any compensation and benefits package offered remains in line with local employers competing for the same pool of talent.
  • Onboarding: The onboarding process is different when recruiting globally as it will often involve helping the smooth relocation of not only the candidate but their family too. You need to have the resources available before the relocation happens to assist with such things as schooling and housing.
    The assistance shouldn’t stop once an employee is onboard as they will need help navigating safely into their new role and their new life in a new country. By having the right processes in place, you can ensure that global recruiting ends with a candidate being smoothly assimilated into your company culture, with a great understanding of the culture of the country they are now working and living in.

The simple fact is that global candidate sourcing is vital to the international competitiveness and overall success of a company. The odds of finding a candidate with the right skills to fit your needs increase dramatically as you can access less competitive job markets that still have quality candidates.

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