5 tips to help you choose the right recruitment partner

February 26, 2019 12:23 pm Published by

The effective recruitment of staff is a key challenge faced by all large and small businesses and there is little reason to believe this is likely to change in the near future.

Being able to find the right talent, at the right time, effectively and with minimal errors can be a real game changer for any business.

As a result, an increasing number of businesses are choosing to work with a dedicated recruitment partner to help them deliver in an increasingly tight jobs market.

The benefits are clear as businesses are able to stay ahead of the game. The right recruitment partner will evaluate their talent requirements and then, formulate and implement truly global talent acquisition strategies that achieve a much wider and quality pool of top talent.

And, the benefits don’t stop there as a true recruitment partner will not only assist in finding and securing the right people to join your business. They will also execute, to your bespoke requirements, all the joining formalities such as salary negotiations and then help candidates and their families adjust to the position and location, if new.

Making the decision to work with a recruitment partner is however the easy decision, it becomes hard when choosing which partner to work with as while it’s true that all recruitment partners could probably perform all of the basic functions needed, it doesn’t mean that every recruitment partner is created equally.

You need to choose the best-suited recruitment partner for your very individual needs. One who comprehends the unique attributes of not only your business, goals, demands, and culture but your industry too.

Indeed, by making the right selection your recruitment partner can truly offer a complete solution to your recruitment needs.

But how do you know that you’re partnering with the right one?

To help you decide here are five top tips to consider when selecting the right recruitment partner for your organisation:

  • Financial stability: you want any relationship you build with your recruitment partner to last. So, making sure your partner is financially secure is critical to ensure they can work with you into the future. You need to measure the value and history of performance relative to others in the industry and confirm they can match your expectations.
  • Credentials and experience: consider how long they have been in business, how many offices and employees they have and where their offices are located. Investigate what types of projects they have experience of managing and do they and the team, who will be working on your project, have the right experience and knowledge of your sector that will benefit you? Any credible partner will be able to provide a detailed record of their experience and case studies that can highlight their capabilities, expertise, and levels of quality and service. They will also be happy to provide transparent details of insurance coverage and their data handling processes.
  • Scale of operations: it is vital to ensure that any recruitment partner has the technology and infrastructure in place to manage and execute your project successfully. It is ideal to visit your recruitment partner’s offices to truly understand their processes, methodologies, and to meet the team.
  • The candidate pool: the most important part of a recruitment partner is its candidate pool. The primary goal of any partner is to match you with the best-suited candidates, so you need to know about their recruitment and hiring strategies and the pre-screening tests and candidate verification steps they undertake to ensure that their candidates are as skilled and experienced as they say they are.
  • Reach: you need to understand the reach your recruitment partner has. In a world of global opportunities, we truly believe more companies can find value in sourcing candidates from new or not-yet-tested worldwide markets. Ensure your recruitment partner has culturally savvy recruiters who specialise in sourcing the right talent from around the globe and can help relocate them to your specified destination with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Now, how can we be the right recruitment partner for your business?

  • We explore the world sourcing our clients’ next hires through our global reach that truly is unparalleled.
  • Our personal approach doesn’t stop when a new hire joins our clients either. In fact, we do the opposite and remain active and extend a warm, helping hand to assist candidates settle into and adapt to their new location.
  • We work with a truly impressive portfolio of clients who chose to partner with us because of our robust process of candidate screening and our lowest candidate back-out ratio, making us an ideal recruitment partner.
  • With more than 12 years of experience in the recruitment industry, we bring the expertise that provides our clients powerful staffing solutions and strengthens their human resources value chain.
  • Our expertise in recruitment sector and dealing with international clients is consolidated with the fact that we are an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization and are affiliated with Empresaria Group plc.

So, if you would like to find out more on how we can be the right partner for you,
drop us an email on info@imsoneworld.com

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