How our Chatbot feature works

Meet Sofi, your AI-driven WorkLLama chatbot, here to help your Enterprise create an unprecedented experience.

Sofi utilizes Natural Language Processing (NLP) to match your ‘corporate speak’. She also mirrors your talent acquisition processes to ensure an ‘on brand’ experience is delivered every time she engages with anyone in your Talent Community. Sofi gives candidates fast answers, resolves urgent issues and demonstrates the quality of service candidates can expect from your Enterprise, she does this all without losing her personal touch which is why communicating with her is so engaging.

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Benefits of Sofi

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Sofi Keeps it Personal

Sofi acts as part of your Talent Community member engagement strategy, Sofi ensures the Talent Community delivers a personal touch, every time she engages.

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Increased Engagement

Sofi encourages candidates to ask more questions, give more feedback and feel more connected.

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Natural Language Processing for Context and Better Responses

Sofi offers natural language processing (NLP), which lends context and meaning to chatbot conversations. Not only will candidates get the right answers to their questions, but in real-time and a tone of voice that suits your brand.

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Realize Your Productivity Dreams

We use what information and data you already have on your audience and program Sofi accordingly, delivering top-notch service, support and meaningful answers when your Talent Community members need it most.

If you are looking for your Enterprise to be at the forefront of talent engagement and acquisition, get in touch today to find out more, or request a demo of Sofi in action!