The right message, at the right time

Our innovative technology solution offers automated engagement features connected to workflows and events. The WorkLLama platform features event-triggered workflows that support the complete candidate journey. By activating workflows, you can trigger communication that keeps candidates connected to your hiring process and keep you top-of-mind, from introduction through referral requests and redeployment.

Whether your dedicated team chooses to start a one-on-one conversation, or broadcast a wider message, or chooses to use voice messages, texts, emails or push notifications, it is essential that all communication is consistent and effective. By sending two-way, broadcasted, scheduled, and triggered messages to candidates and employees, your brand engages across channels and devices throughout the entire talent acquisition process. The platform also pairs with proprietory referral management functionality to deliver an experience that candidates and employees will want to share with everyone in their networks.

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Improved Candidate and Employee Experience

By automating your workflows, you’ll create time and space for 1-on-1 conversations and communication touchpoints that promotes transparency and consistently delivers unparalleled candidate experiences.

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Builds Brand Ambassadors

Automated, regular check-ins are key to understanding your candidates, your current inventory available for open positions, and provides a proactive approach for and retaining the top talent with redeployment and internal mobility opportunities.

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Reduces Communication Workload

Our workflow features optimize your to-do list by automating back-and-forth conversation, hiring process updates and interview scheduling. This functionality also answers questions via chat, in real-time, encompassing your brand’s tone of voice.

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Boosts Productivity and Employee Retention

Regular engagement, from hiring process milestones to employment, isn’t just lip service. Workers who feel engaged are twice as productive on the job and 87% less likely to leave that job anytime soon.

If you are looking for your Enterprise to be at the forefront of talent engagement and acquisition, get in touch today to find out more!