Is Company Culture, Making Employees in the Middle East Leave their Job?

A company’s culture, its values and beliefs, is its personality and making sure you employ people who feel connected to the values and beliefs of your business is crucial because without a ‘fit’ your business could soon have a staff retention problem. Why? Because culture fit is the most important aspect of retaining employees and… View Article

Africa’s leads the way in the gig economy

Although the gig economy and the concept of informal employment is a new model in developed markets it has however been the norm in developing economies throughout history. In Africa 85.8% of employment is still considered informal and in Africa’s fifth-largest economy Kenya, the informal sector is the country’s main job creator. Indeed, according to… View Article

UAE’s New Policies to Benefit Expats

The UAE has been built on the back of a diverse population of expats who have helped take the population from barely one million in 1980 to well over 9 million today. Indeed, today the UAE population is only made up of 10% UAE nationals with the rest made up of expats attracted by the… View Article

IMS one world is awarded ‘Dream Companies to work for’ by ET NOW

We are proud to announce that IMS one world has been awarded ‘Dream Companies to work for’ by ET NOW for the third consecutive year. We are also thankful to our employees for making this place fun and exciting. Winning such a prestigious award ensures that our employees are enjoying a healthy environment at their… View Article

UAE firms hire more from Asia to help reduce expat costs

The days of highly attractive expat packages, which included everything from business class flights to housing, medical and schooling, may be long gone but expats are still very much in demand throughout the UAE. However, who firms, choose to target has changed as cost-conscious UAE firms look to recruit lower paid professionals from less traditional… View Article
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