Impact of VAT Implementation on Recruitment in Middle East

Introduction of VAT in the Middle East! The news that is surfacing most of the newspaper headlines nowadays. So, what is VAT, why is it introduced and how is it going to affect the recruitment industry anyway? VAT- another source of raising revenue for the governments in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). It has already… View Article

Things you need to know when recruiting contractual staff

No matter how much emphasis your organisation places on planning and forecasting, there will always be those occasions when you need temporary contractual staffing. It could be when you need short-term assistance for a project whose deadline cannot be extended, or that you’re facing a period of rapid growth but budgets are at a premium… View Article

We are proud to announce that IMS one world is a Great Place to Work certified organization!

How does a company become a Great Place to Work® for its employees? There are of course several criteria’s that need to be fulfilled. The company needs to invest time and money in the growth of its employees, encourage a positive environment in the workplace, build a strong culture and understand the work-life balance. The… View Article

Why recruiting needs to move to being a fully digital experience in 2018

If you work in the world of recruitment you most certainly don’t need a crystal ball to see the changes that are happening: recruiting has become a digital experience and to thrive and survive it will be essential to build a business of the future now. Organisations that can face the challenge of the digital… View Article

IMS one world: Flashback 2017

It has been a fantastic year for IMS one world. The below infographic is a detailed look at the activities we carried out at IMS One World and the results we generated. It is our aim each year to improve our performance and make it better than our earlier years setting new milestones for ourselves…. View Article
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