5 tips to help you choose the right recruitment partner

The effective recruitment of staff is a key challenge faced by all large and small businesses and there is little reason to believe this is likely to change in the near future. Being able to find the right talent, at the right time, effectively and with minimal errors can be a real game changer for… View Article

How Thomas Profiling will help you find the best candidates

Finding the best candidates can feel like an uphill battle. First, you have to go through the problem of finding candidates, then the issue of assessing if they are going to be a great fit with the role, team and company culture. It can certainly feel like it would be easier to look into a… View Article

Why YouTube Should Always be a Part of Your Social Media Recruiting Strategy

Recruiting has significantly changed over the last few years from the traditional hiring approach to social media centric approach. Looking at the challenges recruiters face attracting the best candidates in an increasingly competitive landscape and the impact social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube have , it is easy to see why. Social media… View Article

The Effect of Cultural Intelligence on Expatriate Performance

Global mobility offers so much to businesses, including substantial growth in new and existing markets. Indeed, Fortune 500 companies expect that their greatest revenue streams over the next decade will come from emerging markets and research highlights that organisations with culturally intelligent staff are more likely to accomplish their goals in today’s multicultural, globalised world. With… View Article

Living in India: A guide to moving to India as an expat

If you have ever spent time in India, you will never be short of words to describe a land full of contrasts. Magical, spiritual, friendly, exotic, vibrant, colourful, mysterious, chaotic and awe- inspiring are just some of the many words that describe a place like no other on earth. The many employment and financial opportunities… View Article
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