Top Sectors for Expatriates in India

India has become a real hotbed for companies migrating their employees in order to oversee their firm’s outsourced operations. With the popularity rising, IMS One World explores the most popular sectors and roles for expatriates relocating to India.  Pharmaceutical Industry Pharmaceutical brands are taking advantage of the increased cost-efficiency offered when outsourcing operations to India…. View Article

Moving to India: An Expat’s Guide to Management in India

There are many benefits and many things to address when considering moving to India and managing your company’s Indian operations. Here, we break down the things to think about before committing to the move.  Population, Culture, Food and Language According to World O Meter, India has a population of 1.3 billion, accounting for 17% of the world’s… View Article

Saudi to Ban Recruitment of Expats in Several Hospitality Jobs

Plans to ban expatriates from gaining employment in several hospitality roles have been announced by the ministry of Labour and Social Development in Saudi Arabia. The ministry explained the ban is to open more opportunities for its citizens. The policy will start from December this year and will cover three-star and above hotels, as well… View Article

Is Company Culture, Making Employees in the Middle East Leave their Job?

A company’s culture, its values and beliefs, is its personality and making sure you employ people who feel connected to the values and beliefs of your business is crucial because without a ‘fit’ your business could soon have a staff retention problem. Why? Because culture fit is the most important aspect of retaining employees and… View Article

Africa’s leads the way in the gig economy

Although the gig economy and the concept of informal employment is a new model in developed markets it has however been the norm in developing economies throughout history. In Africa 85.8% of employment is still considered informal and in Africa’s fifth-largest economy Kenya, the informal sector is the country’s main job creator. Indeed, according to… View Article
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