Move towards employing local talent continues in Africa

The continent of Africa could easily be considered the most diverse and magnificent place on Earth, yet for many years it was a place that businesses chose not to invest in. However, this has changed in recent years and although there have been persistent obstacles and unique challenges, more and more industries and businesses, including… View Article

5 things you need to know about global candidate sourcing

Global recruiting is certainly nothing new. However, it is becoming more and more prevalent due to ever-widening skills gaps. These widening skills gap have resulted in many businesses having to focus their candidate sourcing on skills, not geography and search for talent outside of their home country., to ensure that they connect with the very… View Article

What it’s like to work in the Middle East as an Expatriate

No one can deny the rapid development of the Middle East as an enticing place to both live and work. Looking at the opportunities it has been providing to grow, this doesn’t look like changing in the very near future. The job market is buoyant with the UAE labour market creating jobs for more than… View Article

Debunking 5 common contract staffing myths

Today businesses are faced with such economic volatility that it is essential to remain flexible in order to accommodate constant changes. The simple truth is that no matter how careful you are at planning your staffing strategy you will be faced with the unexpected. An employee’s absence or unexpected changes in demand for your products… View Article

In Conversation with Nikita Jadeja

Hello Everyone! We are back with our employee spotlight blog. The spotlight for this month is on Nikita Jadeja- Senior HR Executive at IMS one world. Stepping into the corporate world straight from college is a different experience in itself. Same happened with Nikita! A girl who joined IMS one world with aspirations & excitement… View Article
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