The Effect of Cultural Intelligence on Expatriate Performance

Global mobility offers so much to businesses, including substantial growth in new and existing markets. Indeed, Fortune 500 companies expect that their greatest revenue streams over the next decade will come from emerging markets and research highlights that organisations with culturally intelligent staff are more likely to accomplish their goals in today’s multicultural, globalised world. With… View Article

Living in India: A guide to moving to India as an expat

If you have ever spent time in India, you will never be short of words to describe a land full of contrasts. Magical, spiritual, friendly, exotic, vibrant, colourful, mysterious, chaotic and awe- inspiring are just some of the many words that describe a place like no other on earth. The many employment and financial opportunities… View Article

How Digital Technology can Inspire the Next Generation of Africans

The next generation of Africans are experiencing very exciting times as across the continent the, government and businesses are embracing digital technology to grow and widen prosperity, inclusion and to influence business innovation, ensuring the continent can survive and thrive in the new digital age. With approximately 20% of the population aged between 15-24, Africa… View Article

Move towards employing local talent continues in Africa

The continent of Africa could easily be considered the most diverse and magnificent place on Earth, yet for many years it was a place that businesses chose not to invest in. However, this has changed in recent years and although there have been persistent obstacles and unique challenges, more and more industries and businesses, including… View Article

5 things you need to know about global candidate sourcing

Global recruiting is certainly nothing new. However, it is becoming more and more prevalent due to ever-widening skills gaps. These widening skills gap have resulted in many businesses having to focus their candidate sourcing on skills, not geography and search for talent outside of their home country., to ensure that they connect with the very… View Article
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