Unique to You

Everything about your IMS Oneworld and WorkLLama solution is white labeled; from the app itself, to the dedicated team working for you, and the office they sit in. Every detail is unique and tailored to your brand; the app follows branding guidelines strictly, while teams speak the language of your Enterprise, and follow your hiring and marketing practices.

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The Look and Feel

Everything about the look and feel of your Talent Community app is branded and unique to your Enterprise, customizing colors, fonts, and overall styling makes the app suit your brand to a T.

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Sofi, Your Natural Language Bot

Sofi offers natural language processing (NLP), which lends context and meaning to chatbot conversations. Not only will candidates get the right answers to their questions, but in real-time and a tone of voice that suits your brand. Learn more about Sofi, your Talent Community Brand Ambassador and spokesperson.

If you are looking for your Enterprise to be at the forefront of talent engagement and acquisition, get in touch today to find out more!