Mobile and Web Candidate and Employee Credential Management

WorkLLama’s platform is leading the way in recruitment through custom credentialing. The platform allows you to set up credentialing on a role-by-role basis, addressing your unique compliance requirements.

Candidate owned profiles and self-service credential management means that members of your Talent Community can upload credentials and certifications that are related to their skills and experience via the branded mobile app or web portal.

Your Branded Talent Community app will encourage candidates through guided workflows, prompting them to upload credentials and certifications upon their initial sign up. The platform then alerts members if particular credentials are missing or are about to expire based on their dates of validity.

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Reduce Time to Fill

Reduce time to fill by ensuring that candidates have appropriate valid credentials

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Consistently Maintained

Convenient mobile access to update and maintain credentials which translates to more candidates taking timely action

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Credentialing to Match Compliance

Ensure compliance is completed upon sign up or application

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