Direct Sourcing Solution: How it works

IMS Oneworld’s Direct Sourcing Solution complements your Enterprise’s existing MSP/VMS solution. If you don’t have an MSP/VMS solution, this solution could act as your primary source for talent.

The Direct Sourcing Solution plugs into the front-end of your MSP/VMS solution, becoming your Tier 0. Adding a Branded Talent Community as your Tier 0 will enhance your MSP/VMS solution by adding a new access point to talent. All new requisitions could be sent to Tier 0 (your Branded Talent Community) first for a pre-defined period of time. When that time period has expired, the requisition will follow its typical path by going to Tier 1 and then Tier 2 if applicable.

Once our team receives an open requisition, we will post the requisition to your Branded Talent Community. We will interact with the members by leveraging all the platform’s features to drive interest.  We will then qualify all interested members and submit qualified candidates into the VMS against that requisition. These candidates will then go through the already existing workflow designed in the VMS for procurement of labor.

All of our Branded Talent Community solutions are built on WorkLLama’s Talent Community technology platform. Each Enterprise will have their own instance for their Community in the form of an IOS and Android app. This puts the Enterprise’s Branded Talent Community right in the hands of its members allowing two-way, real-time communication between you and your Talent Community, candidate owned profiles, referral incentive program and multi-mode communication tools such as push notifications and AI chat bots. This is the most advanced and robust Talent Community Solutions in the market today.

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Creating your Branded Talent Community
Creating custom talent pools within your community
Getting you in the hands of the best talent
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Features of the solution

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Candidates never leave the app

Providing end-to-end recruitment solutions, including on-boarding, compliance and custom credentialing all managed from your Talent Community app.

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Real-time reporting and analytics

Keep the pulse on each step of the recruitment process with real-time, in-depth analytical reporting from your dashboard.

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The Loyalty Loop

Our solution is designed to create candidate loyalty towards your brand. Your company culture, enhanced by your Branded Talent Community turns employees into ambassadors, who build strong bonds with your brand and thus encourage and recommend your business, as an employer, to others.

Expect results with our solution.

Drive Significant Cost-Savings

This solution can provide significant savings, upto 30% per placement.

Transform your Talent Brand

Your Branded Talent Community will become the leading contributor to your organization’s Talent Brand. What people think, feel and share about your company will be greatly enhanced because of this solution. You will turn your Community members into valuable Brand Ambassadors.

Increase Fulfillment Potential Year-on-Year

You can expect to fill 25% of your contingent requisitions in year 1 and up to 80% by year 3.

Evolve your Workforce

Your Branded Talent Community is filled with already known candidates to your organization. Additionally, these candidates are referring their network to the Community and to open jobs. This will equate to better quality hires for your contingent roles which will increase contractor conversions to full-time employees strengthening your workforce everytime.

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Game changing Talent Community App – Powering Your Employer Branding in the War for Talent.

Contact us today to find out how the IMS Oneworld/WorkLLama solution can help power your search for the best talent.