Custom Talent Pools

Our platform allows for dynamic segmentation and targeting of your Talent Community based on various attributes, such as skills, location, employment status, and more. By segmenting your Talent Community into specific talent pools, you can quickly and easily communicate with and engage with candidates most suitable for a specific role.

This feature enables auto-expansion of your talent pool based on your fill rate and elapsed time as well as auto-acceptance of candidates and associates from preferred talent pools.

Communication through the branded mobile app allows you to send out questionnaires, surveys, custom job transition messages and much more, to your selected custom talent pools.

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Reduce Time to Hire

Helps hire higher quality talent in a shorter amount of time

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Diversity and Inclusion

Helps achieve Diversity and Inclusion objectives

If you are looking for your Enterprise to be at the forefront of talent engagement and acquisition, get in touch today to find out more!