Expatriate recruitment brings global skills to your workforce

October 24, 2016 1:45 pm Published by

Expatriate recruitment brings global skills to your workforce
Globalization has been a defining trend of the early 21st century, with big brands getting bigger, the internet making the world seem smaller, and companies around the world waking up to the opportunities of hiring a truly international workforce.

This is a trend being driven from both sides: it is not only that employers want to gain the most skilled individuals, but also the desire among Millennials to travel and experience other cultures, while working abroad to help fund those adventures.

When a short-term visit turns into a lengthy stay in a particular location, this brings even better benefits for employers, who gain access to skills that might not otherwise be available in their local area, along with the drive and ambition that lead an individual to explore the world in the first place.

By reaching out to this multinational workforce through expatriate recruitment services, employers can tap into the full range of skills and genuinely global candidate potential – as well as gaining a competitive edge over the competition who may only be hiring from the talent pool available in their local area.

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Expatriate candidates have soft skills to offer too – they may be more likely to speak a second language to a high standard, or to be able to communicate more effectively in spite of a language barrier; their travels are likely to have made them more confident and adept at settling into unfamiliar surroundings more quickly.

These advantages are never more obvious than in the most competitive and skilled of industries, for example the mining, oil and gas exploration and skilled manufacturing sectors; rapid development in the energy industry in general is also driving demand for the very best individuals on a global basis.

At IMS one world we provide truly global recruitment services, with expatriate recruitment services that not only find the best person for the job, but provide them with support throughout the hiring process and until they are settled into their new role and their new home in India

We give employers access to a worldwide talent pool, finding expertise wherever it is located, bringing new entrants into the recruitment market to your interview days, and breaking down the barriers that existed due to geographic distance in the past.

With IMS one world you can reach out to a global workforce with the skills to carry you well into the rest of the 21st century. For more information about our expatriate recruitment services, or to make any enquiries, contact us today at info@imsoneworld.com.