Family consensus is important for a global job opportunity.

March 21, 2015 5:41 am Published by

You start by searching potential candidates that are apt to fill your open positions and give them offer that best match to their needs. But, what next? They deny at the last moment giving you some or the other family reason. Well, it is not their fault too. Choosing an international opportunity is not that easy as it sounds to be. It surely offers a demanding career but comes with compromises too. These compromises later become reasons to revoke the job opportunity.

It is always a big decision to leave home country and people behind, and relocate to a complete new place. Family consensus not only ensures that the candidate’s family is comfortable and aware about the relocation, but it also boosts the readiness of the candidate to go for the opportunity.

If you are hiring abroad or dealing with a global recruitment company for global hiring, you must take out some time to think of these factors to reduce the risk of last minute back-outs. To help you out in making the right filter at the initial shortlisting itself, we a have a checklist that you must consider while interacting with expert’s family.



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4 things you should consider while connecting with candidate’s family.

Awareness: While interacting family, you must make the candidate’s dependents aware of the opportunity and check the extent to which the opportunity is been discussed with them.

Education: You must make them comfortable for the relocation and educate them on how would it impact the career of the candidate. It is very necessary to discuss the risks as well.

Fitness and willingness: Try to cross check the fitness and willingness of the candidate, by interacting with his/her family members.

Responsibility: Understand the responsibilities of the candidate and the consequences of the relocation on his/her family responsibilities.

Hiring from abroad will always come with a risk of last minute back-outs. Even after associated risks, you can never stop hiring at the global level if you wish to expand your business and grow faster. By including family interaction in your initial shortlisting process, you can filter candidates that strongly agree to join your company. By associating with a reliable global recruitment partner, you can connect with candidate’s family easily at the initial level itself and get your shortlisted candidates filtered. So if you are already working in association with a recruitment consultancy, you must check their process of shortlisting candidates for abroad opportunities.