Global Recruitment Make your career page a magnet to attract talent

May 18, 2015 5:18 pm Published by

The world is getting digitized, and so is the hiring process. Candidates are proactively looking out for opportunities. Thanks to social networking sites, as today’s youth, is proficient enough to reach out to the hiring professionals across companies and apply for the opportunities worldwide. In the midst of this rapid digitization, how good is your website and social media presence to attract talent irrespective of the geographical boundaries? It is important to blend your hiring process with digital trends to achieve the benefits of global hiring. Your career page plays a critical role in strengthening the employer brand and hiring right skills.



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Here are some quick ways to transform your website’s career page into a magnet to attract talent across the globe.

1. Keep your website updated with all open positions on a regular basis.
2. Organize the page and make it look beautiful, but don’t forget to keep a provision for online application, this will help you drive maximum response.
3. Your job description should be detailed and must be written in a manner that can sell. Use your imaginations and write something that can appeal to your potential talent.
4. Visuals attract more than words. A corporate video of your company uploaded on the career page can help applicants to understand the business well.
5. Work culture is crucial to retain good talent. Therefore, it is important to talk about your company’s work culture too.
6. The job description should be written in a manner that defines a clear persona that you are looking for. Talk at length about the potential employee attributes.
7. Let your employees do some branding for you. Include their testimonials and success stories too.

As more and more companies are getting in global recruitment and are opening gates for international candidates, there is a growing need to simplify hiring process, make yourself highly accessible to the potential talent in the market and be smart to sell your employer brand. Apart from the website there are also many other ways to reach out to the global talent pool. Remember that candidates are all there on social media, you can tap them through effective social media strategies from there too. If you are outsourcing your hiring process to a Global Recruitment Consultancy, you must not ignore your digital presence as this will help you in building a strong employer brand.