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Expatriate recruitment has now become a norm across Middle East and Africa. In the past few years we have observed that the percentage of expatriates recruited in these two countries has gone up by 12%.



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As you recruit expatriate candidates, there are a few best practices, which when implemented allow clients to recruit quality candidates:

1. Understand the Hiring Cycle:There is a certain time frame involved with hiring an expatriate. Depending on the position, it can take about 2-4 months for a candidate to clear the various interview stages, get their visa, comply with the compliance requirements and fly to the new destination. When you plan for expatriate hiring, keep this time frame in consideration to avoid unnecessary time lag

2. Back Up candidates:We like to think that the person you pick will join your organization; however, sometimes it may not be the case. For difficult to fill positions, it is recommended that there are back up candidates lined up for just-incase-situations

3. Feedback to the Recruiter:When hiring candidates via a recruitment agency, it is crucial to give timely and candid feedback to your recruiters. If they know what you did not like for any particular candidate, they can assure  that it is not repeated for the future candidates that you receive. If they do not understand how a particular interview went, it would be difficult for them to make a better match, after all it is all about matching candidates skillwise and culturally into your organization; hence your feedback is key for a successful placement

4. Funnel the Offer via the recruiter:When you finally choose the candidate for your team, the best practice is to funnel the offer via the recruiter. In some cases, we have found out that the client presents an offer that is fair and acquit able and is what the client thinks that the candidate is looking for, however, that may not be the case. There could be some tension that can occur and may make the initial relationship rocky or challenging. On the contrary, if this routed via a recruiter who has known this candidate and has been in communication with the candidate, these issues can be resolved easily. The decision about what you do/ don’t do with the offers is with you, however, we recommend as one of our best practices that it should be routed via the recruiter.

If you have come across any particular best practice (other than these), do share with us.

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