How can a bad hire impact your business?

February 17, 2015 4:59 pm Published by

To expand and position your business brand strongly in the market, it is important that you hire the right people at the right place at the right time. But, what if you get a bad hire in your company? Rigorous and careless hiring may lead to a bad hire and it can hit really hard to your revenue too. In many recent researches by HR association across the globe, it has been revealed that a bad hire is always a big loss. So if you are not aligned with an expert like a global recruitment firm to understand your talent acquisition need, you could land up in a mess.



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How can it impact your business?
A bad hire in a team can impact business in multiple ways. From mounting disappointment among the team to unhappy customers, it can actually affect your revenue generation. Here are few immediate effects if the wrong hiring decision is taken in your organization.

• Unhappy clients: Your clients can certainly be delighted if your team performs and delivers the best quality service to them. Hiring an inappropriate hiring can result in poor delivery and consequently degrade customer satisfaction. A long run loss could also mean losing your client.However, a global recruitment consultant can help you with better screening,by recruiting candidates that perfectly match your business needs at the initial level itself, so that your team can perform flawlessly and generate improved customer engagement.

• Low team productivity: A single a bad hire can bring down the entire team’s productivity, furthermore, resulting in discontented customers and increased cost to the company. An expert hiring by a recruitment firm that can employ potential talent from abroad provides a broader access to world class skills so that overall team productivity is enhanced.

• Overburdened training cost: Whenever a new employee joins, he/she undergoes training. Moreover, the training involves lots of costs and it just gets overburdened if your new hire is not able to intake and implements the learning imparted. Moreover, it results in higher attrition’s, a rework pressure of recruiting a successor and an addition to training cost too.An expert global recruitment company can help you with a filtered, quality and transparent hiring and gives access to more efficient and experienced talent to fit with your requirements so that less time and money is spent on training.