How to choose a Global Recruitment Consultancy?

January 19, 2015 5:33 pm Published by

You are already doing great; if you have decided to go beyond your national boundaries to pick the best talent for your company, but hiring from global talent pool is not at all easy. A global recruitment company can help you best in building the right team for your business. Well if your business is doing a fresh partnership with a recruitment consultancy, here is a step by step process to hire the best.

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Analyze your needs: Before going out and analyzing their perfection, it is better to look back and recheck on your own needs. So, the first step is to identify your staffing needs. Find factors that are compelling you to hire from abroad, this will help you in evaluating the skills that are not present in your geographical area.

Browse about agencies: Try to collect as much as information on recruitment agencies working at the global level. Once the needs are analyzed in details, shape your search for global recruitment company accordingly. Compile the entire data in a place to start your evaluation process.

Shortlist: Set clear parameters to evaluate companies that are collected.On the basis of your needs, goals, work methodology and budget, shortlist global recruitment companies that fit your criteria at the best. Remember that shortlisting stage is very significant to the final decision, as this is the stage where you will identify your best hiring partner for creating world class team.

Background check: Before getting into any partnership it is highly crucial keep a background of all the shortlisted global recruitment firms. Pay attention to their expertise, experience, past projects and client testimonials. You may also have a look at their case studies to analyze their passion for work.

Analyze their work process: A detailed background check will give you the clear picture on which global recruitment consultancy best matches your criteria. Moreover, it will also provide an assurance of the company’s competence. Before moving further, work process needs to be analyzed to understand their capability of mixing into your work methodology. In addition to this, it also evaluates their focus toward stringent quality process.

Negotiate and transfer duties: Once you have chosen your global recruitment partner it is essential to make clear communication of payment conditions and also the procedure of transferring the duties. Keeping transparency from the initial level will help you maintain a strong business relation.