How to get rid from time consuming global hiring process?

May 20, 2015 5:35 pm Published by

You believe it or not,every company desires to hire top talent. Your slow hiring process can lead to losing the prospect candidate letting some other competing firm to take that from you. Now what does that mean? Yes, you need to be quick, and efficient at the same time. Faster hiring does not suggests compromising the quality. Furthermore, in case of international hiring decisions, it is important that you practice processes that can bring quality results within the timeline. So here is how you can get more effective while saving a considerable time on each hire.

  • Automate process: As cutting edge technology solutions are available in the market, you have a wide variety of technologies to pick and simplify your recruitment process. This helps in saving productive time of your talented recruiters and consequently shortening the entire hiring cycle.
  • Video profiling: Videos are working wonders in the space of global recruitment. There are many global recruitment consultants in the industry that are abreast with the latest technology trends in human resource. It will be a big time saver, if you can have a video profile of the candidates shortlisted in the first round, so that you can also judge potential candidates on aspects like, body language, personality traits and communication skills.
  • Be social: Social media is increasingly holding grasp on to the hiring trends in the international space. You can get direct access to prospect candidate’s detailed profile, activities and interests, helping you in shortlisting the candidates better. This saves a lot of time in reference check and background checks of international candidates.
  • Candidate communication: Be very clear in communicating about the job opportunity to the candidate, while doing any discussion under recruitment process. Provide a clear understanding on job role, responsibilities, benefits and accountability. It will help you judge the willingness of the candidate in the initial shortlisting itself, further saving your rework later on.



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Video profiling is very useful way to reduce the time per hire, while improving the quality of hire at the same time. Global recruitment means digging deep inside the global talent pool and hunt for the right match. Apart from above basic measures there are many other ways too. You must always upgrade yourself according to the trends in global candidate market. Remember that a shorter yet efficient hiring will always result in picking efficient candidates for your job roles.