How to track the performance of your global recruitment partner?

February 18, 2015 6:44 pm Published by

If you are outsourcing your hiring process to an expert global recruitment company you can surely assure yourself for quality candidates, but without measuring success of the partnership, alignment of your hiring strategy would definitely be tedious. Here are 5 things that you should consider while measuring the success of your partnership with a global recruitment company.

    Efficiency: Time plays a significant role in the success of any hiring decision. If your global recruitment partner is efficient enough to hire the right candidate at the right time, you can kick start the execution of your new strategies within set timelines.

    Effective: Hiring from abroad involves cost, but it does not mean that you partner with a firm that charges less. Effectiveness depends heavily on the quality of the candidate recruited, the suitability of his/her qualifications for the jobs and many more similar factors. So it is important to measure the cost and quality ratio to track the effectiveness of your global recruitment partnership.

    Quality of sourcing: The major reason, why corporates are heavily outsourcing their recruitment function to an expert global recruitment consultancy, is because recruitment partnership provides broader talent access. Sourcing places the foundation for the entire hiring process. If your recruitment partner offers quality sourcing results, it will definitely improvise your hiring. Make sure your global recruitment partner gives you the maximum reach to global talent through social media, job boards and candidate database.

    Business impact: Last but never the least, a quality hiring decision is one that adds to your business potential. A global recruitment partner that bring quality valuable and retainable talent to your company can produce better business impact.

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There can additions to these factors like pipeline of candidate generated, Satisfaction, productivity etc. The success metrics may differ from company to company and from a profile to profile, but above mentioned success metrics will be a benchmark to track the performance. Hiring from abroad requires a lot of investment in terms of human resource, cost, time, and money. A good hire can take your business to new heights while a bad one can bring you down. Therefore, it is significant to employ best recruitment practices for hiring potential candidates from the global talent pool and these metrics will help you get better results.