Is recruitment process outsourcing right for you?

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Is recruitment process outsourcing right for you?

Sourcing, securing and retaining the very best talent is probably the key challenge facing any organisation. The task is ever changing and constantly demanding and it’s not getting any easier either.

Businesses and public bodies of a certain size are often able to invest heavily in their own HR department and try and undertake the costly job of resourcing new talent completely in house. Whilst providing a key service, this has its own problems as the service is often inflexible and unable to deal with urgent and sizeable projects.

Organisations that do not have a full HR team are even more at a disadvantage. They still face the challenge of needing a comprehensive HR strategy that attracts, engages and retains the best talent. This is why so many businesses, regardless of their size are relying on the expert advice and assistance offered via a trusted Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) partner to gain a key market advantage.

RPOs offer affordable, scalable and bespoke HR solutions. They work independently or in addition to existing HR Teams and can adjust easily and quickly to the size and timing of any recruitment challenge. RPOs add invaluable support, assistance and knowledge that can help the business grow at a pace the company can dictate and manage.

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The change is happening already. Enlightened companies recognise the need to focus on their own skills and allow expert external partners to assist them in the delivery of services they are not best suited to embrace internally. Some of the greatest success stories are in the banking and manufacturing sectors. Banks are increasingly using RPOs for recruitment tasks so as to allow them to focus more on their core business. In the manufacturing sector the challenge is huge manpower requirements which places such demands on internal teams the only solution is to use RPOs as a recruitment agency.

IMS One World are experts in recruitment. Experts in connecting amazing people with fantastic employers and providing a wide range of dedicated RPO services to clients all around the globe. The company specialises in all aspects of recruitment but its core services are Global Recruitment Services, Expatriate Services, Recruitment Process Outsourcing and Contractual Staffing.

IMS One World secure the very best talent and create fully tailored recruitment solutions that exceed not only their candidates’ expectations but also their clients’ business targets and provide a commercial advantage.

To discover more about IMS One World and the rewards your organisation can have from being their partner please contact Robin Thomas, Director Operations, IMS One World on alternatively call him today on +91 079 3011 4455.


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