Learning ethics of global recruitment

March 30, 2015 5:54 pm Published by

Increasing global influence has compelled companies to think out of the box and attract talent for their growing expansion plans. Due to increasing hiring pressure recruiters sometimes ignore key ethics of hiring candidates, which further results in high attrition. Therefore, it becomes crucial to consider at least basic ethics of hiring while recruiting candidates especially from abroad. Even if you are working in association with a global recruitment company to meet your talent acquisition needs, you must consider a consultant that adheres to basic ethics so that you can employ talent that can work for business growth for longer period.

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Here are few standard ethics that you must consider while hiring talent from abroad.

1.    Right advertising: Selling strategies have entered the hiring zone too. You, believe it or not, global recruitment pressures have compelled recruiters to sell the job description to the candidate. Ethical hiring says that hiring managers must be truthful while preparing job advertisements so that they can recruit people with the best match to their requirements.

2.    Transparency: A recruiter while interviewing candidates must put a clear picture of the organization and the process of hiring. If you are hiring from abroad, communicate all the terms of employment, benefits, and risks associated with relocation, in the initial stage of hiring process.

3.    Online presence:  True brand and consistent brand message across platforms are crucial to creating brand loyalty among employees. Employer brand must put up the true picture and talk about authentic work culture of the organization.

4.    Right remuneration:  An efficient recruiter must always evaluate the skills and match them with job responsibilities to decide upon the genuine remuneration of the candidate. Ethical hiring says, a candidate should be judged on his capability and willingness to perform a job and should be offered what he/she truly deserves. A right compensation is the biggest factor to retaining the best talent in the company.

Ethics of global recruitment contributes potentially in hiring quality skills for an organization. Global recruitment comes with considerable cost and hence it is essential that managers follow strong ethics while hiring so that only qualified and potential candidates that can be retained by the company are hired. A reliable global recruitment firm, who follows utmost ethics and quality standard in its hiring process, can help you best in meeting the ethical standards of global hiring.