Engage your Talent Community

More than 50% of US workers are disengaged from the brand they work for, causing companies a massive $450-$550 billion in lost productivity each year. When you work with IMS Oneworld and WorkLLama, a talented Brand Experience Team is dedicated to your Enterprise to assist you in building or strengthening your employer brand.

The Brand Experience Team is made up of a Marketing Manager, who has overall responsibility for the Marketing function of the Talent Community, a Content Creator, to create relevant marketing content to advertise your brand, job posts and Community Platform, a Graphic Designer, responsible for visually bringing the Client Talent Community Marketing Strategy to life through illustrations, layouts and photos, and a Social Media Specialist, who manages the publishing schedule and promotes content through online social channels.

Your talented IMS Oneworld teams work closely together to create effective, high quality and consistent marketing campaigns, tailored specifically to your brand. Each marketing campaign will be launched directly from the WorkLLama platform providing real-time tracking of their progress, success rates and results. WorkLLama’s Reporting and Analytics features provide a detailed view into the performance of each campaign across several channels including such aspects as number of views, number of applicants and number of candidates hired. Our Branded Talent Community Solution helps you reach a larger audience, more often and with just one click.

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If you are looking for your Enterprise to be at the forefront of talent engagement and acquisition, get in touch today to find out more!