Why you need the right employee exit strategy

Most organisations don’t want to see high levels of staff turnover and often revamp their HR processes in order to help prevent it. However, there will always be individual employees whose current needs simply cannot be met by an organisation. But there is no need to despair, employee turnover is all part of normal business life… View Article

Boomerang employees: the new normal?

We have all heard about the worldwide trend about the generation of ‘boomerang kids’, adult children going back to their parents’ loving home because they’re priced out of the property market and need to save for a deposit. Who says you can’t go home again in other areas of your life? Worldwide, the mindset is… View Article

Is recruitment process outsourcing right for you?

Sourcing, securing and retaining the very best talent is probably the key challenge facing any organisation. The task is ever changing and constantly demanding and it’s not getting any easier either. Businesses and public bodies of a certain size are often able to invest heavily in their own HR department and try and undertake the… View Article

Should the CEO be involved in the talent acquisition team’s decisions?

The task of finding the best new talent is one of the hardest challenges facing any business today. If a company has a structured HR Team then the problem can at least be delegated and managed by experts who understand the whole recruitment process and know how to tackle the problem in a professional, methodical… View Article

IMS is Proud to be awarded the ‘Dream Companies to Work For’ by Times Ascent

Every candidate who decides to work for any organisation, looks for a dream role in a dream company. But do Dream companies to work for really exist? Are there really companies out there who have a strong work culture, invest in the growth of their employees, encourage and support work-life balance, are great at employee… View Article
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