69% of UAE employers plan to hire within next year

As a region, the UAE has certainly faced turbulent times within the recruitment sector, over the last two years. The collapse of oil prices resulted in many organisations responding by restructuring and making redundancies. However, there are clear signs that the worst is behind us and indeed the recruitment sector may be heading into times… View Article

Why more companies are moving towards recruitment process outsourcing

Within the recruitment sector, talent shortages have long been a hot topic and this doesn’t look set to change any time soon. Indeed, almost two thirds of Indian employers have experienced difficulties in finding workers with required skills₁ and the only country globally facing a bigger challenge than India is Japan₁. Coupled with the news… View Article

Your guide to selecting the right Contractual Staffing Partner

Managing uncertainty during a challenging economy is probably one of the biggest tests any organisation faces today. Budgets are tight and there is a constant need to achieve more with less. These restrictions are felt throughout an organisation and no more so than in the area of recruitment. No matter how tight budgets are, businesses… View Article

Looking to work in India? Be prepared to have your credit history reviewed

If you’re looking for a new job, the last thing that crosses your mind is how does my credit history look? I mean why would it? Surely your credit history doesn’t reflect on how well you can do a job? However, the practice of reviewing a candidate’s credit history is becoming globally accepted and no… View Article

Why you need the right employee exit strategy

Most organisations don’t want to see high levels of staff turnover and often revamp their HR processes in order to help prevent it. However, there will always be individual employees whose current needs simply cannot be met by an organisation. But there is no need to despair, employee turnover is all part of normal business life… View Article
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