The teams behind the solution

Your dedicated IMS Oneworld team is designed to focus on the key functional areas that make up our solutions. The Client Success Team, Candidate Experience Team, Business Analytics Team, Candidate Care Team and Brand Experience Team all help to provide the very best experience for candidates and clients. Key operating tasks covered by the teams include relationship management, creation, launch, management and measurement of weekly marketing campaigns, requisition management, cost management, assignment management, candidate compliance/credentialing, technology platform management, referral management as well as reporting and analytics. Find out more about the teams and their individual responsibilities below.

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Client Success Team

The Client Success team is made up of a Talent Community Manager that typically sits onsite at the Enterprise. The Talent Community Manager is the “face” of the solution and is accountable to deliver a best-in-class solution, a Product Delivery Manager, to set up and customize the Talent Community and a Customer Success Manager, who provides on-going support.

Candidate Experience Team

This goal of this team is to attract, source and deliver qualified talent to your roles. The Candidate Experience Team is led by a Delivery Manager, who oversees this dedicated Team, a Curation Team Lead, who is responsible for the productivity and the SLA’s of the Talent Curation Team as well as a Matchmaker Team Lead, who is responsible for the productivity and the SLA’s of the Matchmaker Team.

Curators, reporting to the Curator Team Lead, are responsible for interacting, engaging, and attracting new members within the Community, as well as qualifying and ensuring complete profiles are captured for new additions to the Client Talent Community.

Matchmakers, reporting to the Matchmaker Team Lead, are responsible for sourcing candidates within the Client Talent Community and delivering qualified candidates to the Client.

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Business Analytics Team

All activities that your IMS Oneworld team conducts as well as all activity within the WorkLLama platform, is monitored and measured by the Business Analytics Team. This team is made up of Reporting and Data Analysts, who complete detailed marketing campaign analyses, geography-based activity reports, new registration and referral status reports as well as compile a regular compilation of all activity data into a comprehensive dashboard to track results.

Candidate Care Team

The Candidate Care team will be the single point of contact for candidates throughout their onboarding process and will ensure smooth transition of the candidate from “Selected” to “Onboarded”. This team is comprised of Candidate Care Associates, who act as a dedicated point-of-contact with each candidate throughout their engagement, Onboarding Associates, who gather and process onboarding paperwork, contracts and non-disclosure agreements, and Compliance Associates, who coordinate background, drug tests, reference checks and any other required screenings for employees who have been selected for an assignment.

This team also has a Payroll Specialist, who collects and reviews employee information and working hours, calculates wages, prepares and processes employee payments and maintains accurate payroll reports.

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Brand Experience Team

The Brand Experience Team will work in tandem with your internal marketing team and will be responsible for creating, launching, managing and measuring marketing campaigns for the Talent Community Solution. This team is made up of a Marketing Manager, who provides overall accountability for the Marketing function of the Talent Community, a Content Creator, to create relevant marketing content to advertise the Client, job posts and Community Platform, a Graphic Designer, responsible for visually bringing the Client Talent Community Marketing Strategy to life through illustrations, layouts and photos, and a Social Media Specialist, who manages the publishing schedule and promotes content through online social channels.

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