Detailed Insights to Monitor Success

Our reporting and analytics dashboard provides a holistic candidate profile view and allows for robust custom reporting to track all engagement and referral activities. The dashboard offers insight into digital marketing efforts, candidate trends, NPS, and much more, all while delivering actionable results.

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Performance Marketing

Enables performance tracking of all activity within the platform by your dedicated team and monitoring SLAs.

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Marketing Campaign Effectiveness

Launch, manage, and measure marketing campaigns and receive results in real-time via the platform dashboard, launch on-demand or planned surveys with immediate viewable results and configure custom notifications catered to your organization.

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Monitor your success

Track and view Talent Community membership activity, hires and referrals from all sources in real-time.

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Measure Up

Get a detailed and consolidated report on activities within your App. Top 10 Users, Top 10 most applied jobs, Top 10 most referred jobs, Heat Maps by job fulfillment and geography, real-time candidate inventory by geography, user satisfaction, first-day arrival check-ins, onboarding/compliance satisfaction, total engagements, registration activity, total hire activity are just a few of the many reports that can be extracted from the App.

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