Retaining Your Overseas Candidates: A recruiter’s viewpoint

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Retaining Your Overseas Candidates: A recruiter's viewpointI have been a match maker of overseas candidates for our clients in Middle East since the past 2 years and I have been a curious witness to the ever changing recruitment industry, client and candidate expectations and retention of employees. The way the markets are growing, finding good talent is not as major a challenge for the companies as is retaining them. The purpose of my article is to bring forward the candidate’s viewpoint about their expectations from clients.

As a Recruiter at the time of offering new jobs I come across candidates who give me feedback like “It doesn’t feel good around here” OR “I don’t get the support I need to get my job done” OR “Lack of opportunities and appreciations in this company” and I always wonder that these candidates have been placed with reputed organizations and yet they are not satisfied with their employers. What exactly are they looking for? How can I better match a candidate to the client requirement such that not only is the client happy and satisfied but the candidate is happy too.

During one of my interactions with a candidate, I gained a better insight. For overseas candidates it’s different and difficult as candidate is far from his native place. When overseas employees are being hired, they expect the company to provide some benefits which plays a major role for their retention. Facilities like accommodation & transportation, Banking, Healthcare, Education for their children etc. are the basic that they expect.



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Over and above that, they would be highly motivated when their skills are valued and the company considers them worthy and invests in training them. I clearly remember a classic example with one of my client’s in gulf: We had placed couple of technicians with them. As Technicians are at junior level, they were good at their Technical skills, however, they had a challenge in speaking English fluently. They were worried that the client may lay them off on these grounds. What the client did completely blew them off! My Client put them to English Coaching classes and trained them rigorously at English. Today after 2 years, these technicians are loyal employees of the organization and still remember how the company valued their skills and trained them were needed.

Over and above these, my candidates have been motivated with the following aspects:

Responsibility: The candidate needs to be clearly informed about what are his responsibilities with the employer, and they should be encouraged to take on new responsibilities accordingly

Reward: Recognition in front of the company it’s dream for everyone. Rewards should speak to their emotional needs and should go beyond their monetary compensation

Relaxation-time: Allowing employees to be relaxed during break time and providing sufficient leaves, day out, family vacation especially for Overseas candidates creates positive environment and boosts up their energy

Revenue-sharing: Sharing of Revenue in terms of Bonus, Incentives and Appraisals would boost the employees’ financial aspect well and encourage them to achieve their targets

If you are using strategies other than the ones mentioned above, please mention in the comments box below.

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