In a world of global opportunities, more companies find value in sourcing candidates from new or not-yet-tested markets. Our global recruiters specialize in sourcing the right talent from around the globe and helping them relocate to the destination specified by our client. With IMS, you can explore the world for your next hire. more..

Expatriate Services

IMS People is a Global Recruitment Services company. We work with Multinationals and support them to find qualified and interested expatriates from across the globe and recruit them for various opportunities in India. more

Recruitment process outsourcing


Talent acquisition is a challenge that is getting tougher by the day and hence managing it in-house may not be the smartest solution. A recent survey* confirmed that in India, approximately 90% of small and medium sized organizations outsource a part or whole of their entire recruitment process more

Contractual Staffing


Why recruit permanent, senior employees or restless millennials for short-term projects when a more cost-effective solution is available? Open your minds to the miracle that is contractual staffing. With IMS One World’s Contractual Staffing Service you can hire skilled talent for specific short-term projects more