The hunt for global talent has intensified in recent years. Industry surveys predict that by 2030 the United States will require 25 million additional workers and Western Europe will need some 45 million. The need for talent is not limited to the western world; the Middle East, Australia, China, Europe, South East Asia and Africa’s developing countries need access to talent to satisfy their economies’ growing demands.

Additionally, increased global economic activity and shrinking immigration boundaries have led to a large-scale migration of the working population. According to industry estimates, the world’s total migrating population is estimated to be 214 million people, a number large enough to qualify as the world’s fifth-largest nation.

one world’s global recruitment services focus on supplying developing countries with a qualified and talented workforce. Increased development across Africa and the Middle East requires competitive and competent talent to sustain these regions’ growth.

Our culturally savvy staff helps clients within these areas evaluate their talent requirements and formulate and implement their talent acquisition strategies. We are experts at sourcing and relocating candidates from different parts of the world to the client’s desired location.

WHY one world ?

The candidate search begins with an in-depth understanding of the candidate’s required skill set, experience, qualifications, geographic location and place of origin. From there we employ our nine-step global recruitment process to ensure optimal value for both clients and candidates.

Our continued success in global recruitment stems from our personal approach and commitment to remain active in the relocation process rather than stepping away after completion of the joining formalities. Our initiatives include guiding new hires through migration formalities, helping them settle into their new location, providing insight into the local cultural and supporting their family members’ transitional needs. one world extends a warm, helping hand to walk new hires through these initial hurdles to ensure a smooth placement and happy employee.

one world REACH

Because our work transcends the barriers of geography, culture and industries, we have developed an extensive, global client base. Combined with a sweeping presence across various African countries is our particular focus in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. Our services also cater to global recruitment requirements in the Middle East and provide talent to a host of clients in Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Oman.

Clients in the following industries benefit from our global recruitment services: