Should the CEO be involved in the talent acquisition team’s decisions?

March 17, 2017 6:38 am Published by

Should the CEO be involved in the talent acquisition team's decisions?

The task of finding the best new talent is one of the hardest challenges facing any business today. If a company has a structured HR Team then the problem can at least be delegated and managed by experts who understand the whole recruitment process and know how to tackle the problem in a professional, methodical manner.

But what about organizations who do not have a full HR team? They still face the challenge of needing a comprehensive personnel strategy that attracts, engages and retains talented people. This is why so many businesses, regardless of their size are relying on the expert advice and assistance offered via a trusted Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) partner.

RPOs help businesses of all sizes by offering scalable bespoke recruitment solutions that can adjust easily and quickly according to the size and timing of any recruitment challenge. Offering a regulated and accountable service they either work independently for the business or in conjunction with the existing HR function. RPOs add invaluable support and assistance that can help the business grow at a pace the company can dictate and manage.



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But what if the CEO likes to take a personal, hands-on approach to recruitment? Is this the best situation for the company and is it the best use of the CEO’s time and efforts?

Obviously, it depends on the CEO and their management style, but can any CEO truly understand the complexities and subtle nuances of the HR process? The minefield of due diligence and legal regulations make it vital for a CEO to leave these processes with an HR partner either internally or externally, or both. The service this provides for the CEO not only removes the drudgery of finding the best talent but provides legal safeguards for the organization. But, above all, it all takes time to get involved in the nitty gritty, a commodity scare for most successful CEOs.

So, no HR involvement for CEOs then?

Well in fact their involvement is desired and is paramount. However, it is all about when and how. A CEO needs to be involved in planning and approving all areas of the organization’s HR strategy, primarily to ensure that there is a clearly defined plan which covers all eventualities, allowing the HR team to make approved and rapid changes to processes to meet ongoing challenges. These challenges might require external service partners to provide expertise that may ordinarily fall outside of the specialist skills of the in-house HR team, for example, global appointments in new territories.

As the Gatekeeper of the organisation’s goals, values and brand, early and full involvement of the CEO will ensure any recruitment strategies reflect the company’s true brand identity.

In summary, the role of the CEO is vital, vital in making sure the HR and RPO teams are empowered to deliver the best talent required to grow the business. As for doing the hands on recruitment themselves, best leave that to the experts.