Talent pipeline – A key to talent acquisition strategy success

March 15, 2015 7:29 am Published by

Do you consider creating a talent pipeline for the business? How do your recruitment managers address ad hoc manpower requirements? If you have partnered with a global recruitment firm, do they have a ready pipeline to serve your needs?

Human resource managers plan hard to acquire the right talent at a right time to ensure smooth working of the business and consistently supporting in company’s growth plans. The HR department forecasts the talent needs for the year and then prepare a potential talent acquisition strategy to supplement the manpower needs of the business. No matter how strong is the talent acquisition strategy, if it does not facilitate a provision to create a talent pipeline, it can never ensure smooth talent supply for the business.



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Let’s first understand the concept.

Talent pipeline is about creating a reserve of qualified candidates that can be used to fill open positions anytime. Creating a talent pipeline is not a one-time task. It requires regular efforts in building and maintaining recruitment relationships with candidates.

Why do you need it?

Global recruitment decisions taken in a hurry may result in bad hires. Even after proper talent demand forecast, no one can assure exact numbers that are needed to be recruited. By regular maintenance of a database of active candidates and refreshing the list on a timely basis, you can stay in touch with a ready list of qualified candidates and place them in open position as and when required. By creating a talent pipeline, recruitment managers get more time to analyze the eligibility and understanding the cultural fit of the candidate. Cold calling can be time-consuming and offers no guaranteed results. On the other hand, talent pipeline can be effective in getting quality referrals and opening up a way to build a strong database.

How to create a talent Pipeline?

Creating a talent pipeline needs expertise and quality time to deep dive into the company’s long-term plans and forecast talent requirement in future. Your global recruitment partner must be an expert in identifying the talent source across the globe and then put efforts on building relationships with candidates. By partnering with a professional global recruitment firm you get an access to talent pool across different geographies of the world instantly, as they have strong network with qualified candidates and are ready to supply talent for your urgent needs.