Things you need to know when recruiting contractual staff

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No matter how much emphasis your organisation places on planning and forecasting, there will always be those occasions when you need temporary contractual staffing. It could be when you need short-term assistance for a project whose deadline cannot be extended, or that you’re facing a period of rapid growth but budgets are at a premium and permanent staff are not an option, or you might simply need expert and highly skilled people on a short-term, adhoc basis.

Thankfully, there is the highly effective solution of recruiting on a contractual basis, a solution which offers you the benefit of adding to your workforce selectively and quickly, in a dedicated area and for an agreed timeframe. In return, you gain access to a highly trained and skilled workforce only when required, resulting in cost savings, limited liabilities and the added benefit of allowing permanent members of your team to remain motivated and focused on your long-term core business.

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So, what are the key qualities to look for when hiring contractual staff?

Ability to self-start – this is key for any contract worker as time to invest in training is not possible.
Adaptability – the best contract workers can adapt to new surrounding and company cultures with relative ease.
Flexibility – it is essential that contract workers realise that flexibility on their part is paramount to being the best temporary worker.
Enthusiasm – contract workers have to be able to look at the bigger picture and understand the importance of knowing that no matter how temporary the work is they have to offer their best.
Communication skills – you will want your contract worker to hit the ground running, so it’s vital that they have the communication skills to allow them to integrate as part of any team immediately.

When hiring contractual workers, you do have to be aware of a number of possible culture changes that can and will need to happen, including:

Resentment issues – resentment issues can emerge when the same duties are performed by temporary and permanent members of staff. Permanent staff can perceive that their roles are in jeopardy and that contract workers are paid more. There needs to be a clear level of communication to prevent any friction.
Lack of a team – it is essential to ensure that contract workers feel part of the team and have perceived real value. Permanent members of the team need to know that there is a culture of respect for all the staff.
Performance division – it can be the case that temporary workers can outperform permanent members of the team, who can be burnt out due to periods of high pressure. How this division is managed is essential to prevent any further lack of performance and an increase in demotivated permanent team members.

So how does a business tap into a contract staff talent pool?

Well, it makes sense to work with a dedicated Contractual Staffing Partner such as IMS One World who allows a business to fully capitalize on their ability and expertise in finding the very best talent.

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