Top Sectors for Expatriates in India

November 18, 2019 11:39 am Published by

India has become a real hotbed for companies migrating their employees in order to oversee their firm’s outsourced operations. With the popularity rising, IMS One World explores the most popular sectors and roles for expatriates relocating to India. 

Pharmaceutical Industry
Pharmaceutical brands are taking advantage of the increased cost-efficiency offered when outsourcing operations to India. The utilisation of expats in management positions is largely within the biotechnology and pharmaceutical research areas. Expats are being sought for their knowledge and experience in the industry, in a bid to accelerate the productivity and growth of the outsourced operations. 

With the rapid rise of smartphone technology, the telecommunications industry in India has thrived. India benefits from low-cost calling and data rates, when compared with the rest of the world, making it a prevalent location for the development of the industry. Expats are mainly migrated to oversee operations regarding the acquisition of new customers, driving innovative new software and developing new applications. 

The e-commerce industry in India has seen recent development, primarily due to Amazon’s entrance into the Indian market in 2012. This sector prospers most with innovation, and often outsourcing a branch of your firm to conduct operations in India can improve your overall businesses productivity and profitability. Considering the industry is still in the emerging stages, expats with previous experience in the industry are in high demand for management roles to aid in dealing with high traffic scenarios, building of applications and for insight in improving the customers experience.

Information Technology
Firms in the IT sector are taking advantage of low-cost equipment, and an experienced workforce when outsourcing their functions to India. With technologies evolving constantly, the need for an experienced manager is proving increasingly more crucial. Expats are being utilised in these roles to work collaboratively with their outsourced teams, using the experience garnered in their home locations, and implementing them into the operations overseas.

The popularity of India as an outsourcing destination will only continue to prosper. While the cost-efficiency of the country is a defining factor, there are a wealth of other benefits you can gain from outsourcing. Increasing your firm’s capabilities, providing new opportunities for your staff and enabling natural growth in your company are all incredible benefits to consider.