Understanding screening issues for global hiring

April 18, 2015 12:51 pm Published by

Building a world class team is not that easy, it demands strong global network and comes with the risk of back-outs and attrition issues. Well this does not recommends us to stop hiring global workforce, in fact, it requires meeting quality screening guidelines to avoid bad hiring decisions and fake profiles.

Here are some basic screening issues and their solutions that you must consider while hiring skills from Abroad:

 Long hiring process: Hiring from abroad extends the selection process and puts pressure on timelines. This results in skipping some of the key processes while recruiting candidates across world boundaries. A little ignorance can then have critical impact on company’s retention rate. Good screening helps in avoiding bad hires.

CV Falsification: Economic crisis and rising unemployment rates are compelling candidates to over promise their resumes and put up fake information. This is again a challenging task, as backgrounds check at the first level of shortlisting resumes can over burden the work. To tackle such challenges, you must focus on your own analytical skills to scrutinize information.

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Background checks: It is not just about checking criminal records while conducting background checks. You must think about cross verifying information given by the candidates in his/her interview and in documents submitted.

Global reference check: Hiring international talent is a big decision. To be confident on your processes, you must always include reference checking from previous employers, mentors, institutions, and colleagues to understand the behavioral aspects of the candidate.

Complex global screening laws: While executing screening process, understand the laws of the home country of the candidate, and include their processes too. This helps in conducting a smooth and quality screening.

Consent matters: If the role for which you are hiring global talents needs certain consent, you must not ignore that at any cost. Make sure that the candidate submits all the consent certifications in the desired formats.

As more and more organizations are expanding and hiring global talent to meet their goals, quality screening has become even more crucial to the recruitment process. There are many reliable global recruitment consultants that can help you with best screening results within timelines. Before engaging with an international hiring partner discuss the screening process in advance. This will help you save company’s brand reputation and prevent increase in attrition’s.