Why is finding retainable candidates important for global hiring decisions?

February 27, 2015 6:14 pm Published by

Hiring talent from abroad is not easy, there are many factors to immigration laws, time-consuming hiring process, and ambiguity in background checks, that makes the process difficult. Such factors are critical and can never be ignored even if you are hiring expats through a global recruitment consultancy. But what if your candidate backs out or leaves without completing quality tenure? Your entire efforts will be in vein, compelling you to start from scratch and hire a candidate again. Team attrition can result in lots of rework. While hiring expats through your in-house team or a reliable global recruitment consultancy, you must always consider your work culture and related factors into your selection process.



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Here are 3 basic reasons why should you hire retain-able candidates while hiring talent from abroad.

Hiring cost: Hiring cost includes everything from the compensation, training, compliance and the entire cost required for taking the candidate on board. If a candidate is not retained by the company for a considerable tenure, the entire cost is transformed into a loss.

Training cost: Even if you are hiring experienced candidates, your hiring process will always involve initial training and development programs. By hiring retain-able candidates from abroad the investment made in training, can give you positive results as the candidate gets time to fit into the work culture and delivers maximum productivity.

Productivity loss: Whenever candidate backs out or does not complete quality tenure with the company, it leaves a considerable impact on business productivity. Hiring retain-able candidates from Abroad will stay with the company for a longer period and contribute a better productivity to the business.

How can you hire retainable employees?

While hiring talent out of your own national boundaries, you must always consider factors like background and reference check, suitability of the candidate to fit into your work culture, ability to combine individual goal into company’s goal etc. A professional global recruitment firm can help you with strict background and reference check. By choosing a recruitment partner that follows stringent quality standards in their process, you can easily hire retain-able talent from abroad.