Why YouTube Should Always be a Part of Your Social Media Recruiting Strategy

November 21, 2018 4:58 am Published by

Recruiting has significantly changed over the last few years from the traditional hiring approach to social media centric approach. Looking at the challenges recruiters face attracting the best candidates in an increasingly competitive landscape and the impact social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube have , it is easy to see why.

Social media has completely changed how we behave as we utilise it majorlyto search for jobs and source candidates in more and more inventive ways to attract the very best talent.

Unlike the rest of the social media platforms, YouTube is still being perceived as a place to watch funny cat and laughing baby videos, resulting in many recruiters choosing to stick to the main social media sites for recruitment such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Moreover, there are many recruiters who don’t even consider YouTube as a social media website at all and therefore, they pay negligible attention to it in their overall social recruiting strategy, although, we strongly believe this needs to change.

Why? Well of course there are the 1.8 billion YouTube users every month in 91 countries. That’s 95% of the Internet population, who use the site and that just includes the people who log in or, the fact that there are hours of original content uploaded every minute to keep people coming back.

Indeed, YouTube really does have the potential to be the holy grail of the recruiting world where businesses can cost effectively, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week easily target, share and edit their own videos and prompt discussions and further sharing, plus, the fact that it is owned by Google ensures that it receives priority in their search results.

So, why should you be using YouTube as part of your social recruiting strategy

Sourcing candidates – in today’s hyper-competitive talent market, sourcing high quality talent candidates is probably the most difficult area of recruiting. Therefore, it’s essential to find candidates in ever diverse places. YouTube allows you to create and design videos that appeal to your target candidate audience and that entices them to your YouTube channel, allowing you to engage with them further with additional content.

In addition to this, YouTube lets you add application links to your videos allowing for an enhanced candidate experience as candidates are becoming more and more used to finding their online information in the form of a video.

Inform about your company culture – cultural fit is so important to both recruiters and candidates and the ‘About Us’ section of your company website isn’t the most creative or effective way of communicating your company’s values.

Candidates want to see the ‘real’ business they will be working for and they want to engage with their peers.

YouTube allows you to not only highlight through video what it really is like to work for you through employee testimonials but also, saves you money and time in the long term by giving prospective employees the chance to figure out whether they are a good fit before they apply, saving both you and them a lot of time.

Plus, by allowing prospective candidates the opportunity to better understand the job and the company can help guarantee they are fully informed and have realistic expectations which in turn leads to a better job and culture fit for everybody, ultimately lowering employee turnover.

To be creative – Videos are one of the most shared pieces of information on the internet with an amazing 700 YouTube videos shared on Twitter every minute, plus 76% of users tell a friend about a video they have seen.

The simple truth is that you should always have YouTube as part of your social recruiting strategy because it truly is a global distribution platform where you can connect with a huge and highly engaged audience whose demographics are significantly 18 – 54 year old with an almost equal male/female split.

Has your company considered YouTube as a Recruitment tool, yet?

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