Life at IMS one world

We stand for more than just fulfilling your career dreams!

At IMS one world we believe “Creating a Positive Work Place results into Positive Attitude among the workforce”. When employees are provided a combination of fun and work, it’s amazing to witness how their productivity increases. Throughout this journey, we have created an environment which supports Innovation and Creativity along with Motivation, Growth and Recognition. This helps us in creating a perfect blend of work and fun. And, that’s the reason why we recently got Great Place to Work-certifiedTM.

Work Culture

At IMS one world the employees are at the center of the work culture. An environment that boosts your performance, accelerates your growth, awakens the professionalism within and with all of that a platform that is always open to new ideas and talents, is collectively what an IMS one world employee goes through while working here.

"My journey in IMS one world is like a dream, it feels like yesterday I had started working here & I will be completing a year next month. Time flies! Working in IMS one world is like learning continuously. Looking forward for more wonderful opportunities at IMS one world. This place has given me a platform to prove myself. I am really very proud to be a part of IMS one world."

Nishtha Sheth,
Recruitment Consultant

“It’s been almost 2 years working with IMS one world and it has proved to be a great experience for me. I have been able to develop myself both ‘personally and professionally’. Few things I like the most about IMS one world is its work culture & support from team members. Entire IMS one world team is so focused and clear with the vision about their future. IMS one world is a nice place to work with colleagues and supervisors, who are always ready to help. IMS one world’s training sessions have been of great help in grooming the employees. These 2 years, which I have spent with IMS has been fruitful and I’ve excelled as a professional. I am very proud to be a part of the IMS one world Team”.

Pooja Joshi,
Sr. Recruitment Consultant

“It’s been a splendid journey of 1 year 11 Months with IMS one world. I had total 2+ Years of experience in recruitment department when I joined IMS one world, but it never seemed to be a long journey because I learnt something new every day. Every time I got the support of my Team Manager and seniors, I was able to overcome critical situations at work. I wasn’t sure if I’d spend even 1 year in IMS one world because my early experience shows only domestic recruitment, but today I am working as a Senior Recruitment Consultant for Middle East and I am recruiting & placing candidates in Gulf Countries, which I have never done before in my career. I look back and feel very proud to dedicate 1 year 11 Months of my career to IMS one world. I’m very thankful to IMS one world for trusting my abilities, and for appreciating my performance with the Top Performer of the month Awards, I am very happy to get acknowledged by IMS one world”.

Shalu Raut,
Sr. Recruitment Consultant

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working here at IMS one world so far, especially working on the positions where I got a chance to deal with other nationalities. That is how my communication skills have improved, I have become a confident person. And I am really very thankful to IMS one world for giving me an opportunity to work in Aviation positions. It has added value to my profile. For sure I am going to cherish working here at IMS one world”.

Priyanka Lohana ,
Recruitment Consultant

"We spend more than 50% of our time with our colleagues than family. Simply IMS is my habit now. Thank God! My LinkedIn profile says working at IMS one world from 2nd April 2015 to present. It’s been an amazing 531 days journey with IMS. Targets, KPIs, Incentives, Employee of the month has made me a stronger person. "

Manan Pandya,
Sr. Recruitment Consultant

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