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The technology behind our solution

Navigate talent market dynamics with a single platform that optimizes and amplifies your brand experience.

Our exclusive partnership

WorkLLama is exclusively partnered with IMS Oneworld to provide a complete solution to our Clients; building, nurturing, and growing talent communities by leveraging human connections with Candidates, Employees, and Customers.

WorkLLama’s AI powered talent sourcing and candidate engagement/experience platform maximizes recruitment efforts and drives employee retention. It leverages viral social media platforms and a patented, tiered approach to referrals in ways in which candidates best communicate, while providing real-time visibility at every step of the hiring experience for both referrers and candidates. The viral social media and tiered referral functionality of the platform allows organizations to exponentially expand their reach far beyond the network of existing employees and candidates, while having the ability to define or target any specific role to any particular segment of the talent pool, which is especially powerful in achieving diversity and inclusion objectives.

The platform provides for personalized two-way communication and automated workflows powered by an AI driven conversational bot, which increases recruiter efficiency while providing full candidate engagement and an improved ongoing employee experience. The breadth of capabilities within WorkLLama allows one solution to be involved in every aspect of a candidate’s and employee’s journey within your organization. The resulting data set enables the AI driven conversational bot to eliminate bias found in hiring processes.

WorkLLama’s holistic platform eliminates the need to have several dead-end point solutions that come with integration and maintenance challenges. Having point solutions dealing with different stages of a candidate’s journey from job discovery to post placement engagement limits the ability to truly harness the power of AI. WorkLLama leverages market dynamics to expand recruiting capacity, eliminate inefficiencies, improve candidate quality, reduce cost and time-to-hire, and drive employee satisfaction – all while increasing brand awareness.

If you are looking for your Enterprise to be at the forefront of talent engagement and acquisition, get in touch today to find out more or request a demo!