Your guide to selecting the right Contractual Staffing Partner

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Your guide to selecting the right Contractual Staffing Partner

Managing uncertainty during a challenging economy is probably one of the biggest tests any organisation faces today. Budgets are tight and there is a constant need to achieve more with less. These restrictions are felt throughout an organisation and no more so than in the area of recruitment.

No matter how tight budgets are, businesses will always need expert and highly skilled individuals to work on projects; often on a short-term and ad-hoc basis. Projects cannot wait or there will be serious business consequences and with budgets at a premium permanent staff are not an option.

At this point it is wise, especially financially, to hire highly skilled staff on a short term contractual basis. This allows a business to add to their workforce selectively and in a dedicated area for a set timeframe, ensuring the completion of a certain project or the management of peak periods. Employing staff on a fixed term contract saves money and resources and allows permanent team members to focus on the long term core business.

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The key benefits of contractual staff include:

– Reduction in recruitment and training costs – no upfront costs.
– Ability to reduce margins and allow hiring costs to be budgeted.
– Limited liabilities associated with permanent employment.
– The duration of the contract is flexible allowing for easy staff changes for peak and quite times.
– Flexibility to convert an employee to permanent roles if needed. Can be considered an extended interview process.
– Allows a company to speed up the hiring process, and makes it much easier.
– Provides the opportunity to work with highly skilled workers who a company might not be normally able to recruit or afford.
– Access to a wider talent pool that has broader work experience and can provide fresh ideas and solutions.
– Companies need not bother about issues such as motivation, career planning, and performance evaluation for contact workers.
– Legal and compliance issues are not the company’s concern.

So how does a business tap into this talent pool? Well it makes sense to work with a dedicated Contractual Staffing Provider who can allow a business to fully capitalize on their ability and expertise in finding the very best talent. A provider who has ensured they have organised themselves to safeguard high compliance standards and has developed processes that afford the speedy sourcing, screening and delivery of the finest candidates.

A Contractual Staffing Partner can be an incredibly valuable asset, however, not all recruiters are created equal and you will only be as successful as the firm you choose to partner with. Selecting a Contractual Staffing Partner should not be a time consuming process, if you base the decision on experience, quality, service and of course price.

Ensure you are tapping into the resources, tools and connections of an experienced partner who utilises truly innovative strategies to attract the most qualified talent. Your partner should always be able to fulfil your requirements promptly whilst ensuring your needs are met. In addition to evaluating their recruitment abilities and strategies, consider their experience, financial position and management capabilities to weather any economic downturn.

Selecting a Contractual Staffing Partner is a crucial step in managing your company’s flexible workforce. In today’s constantly shifting business landscape, your partner needs to truly understand the unique aspects of your industry, company culture, and business demands. By making the right selection it can truly be the complete solution for managing your contractual workforce needs.

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